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If Donald Trump prevails, I hope

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    USA is a vital and important country, and the election campaign between President Joe Biden and Donald Trump is heating up. I love the political orientation of the American Republican Party. Certainly, the main reason for supporting for US President Donald Trump is that he belongs to the Republican Party. The other reason is my conviction in the political position of former US President as well as his morals.

    I applauded him because of his opposition to the activities of the World Health Organization (WHO) during the Corona pandemic. More so, I respect Trump because of the way he resolved some social and political issues. He did not forget the American people, and their issues are on top of his priorities as a leader.

    As a Muslim, I salute people who adhere to the heavenly religions, despite my hopes that they will embrace Islam and recognize Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as the messenger of God and the final Prophet. I hope that the blessings of Islam will spread to the entire world. On the other hand, I respect other religions. I appreciate Trump’s position—urging American schools to teach the Bible to children. The world needs people with good morals. I also admired Trump and his appreciation for the late Queen Elizabeth.

    What the US former president said about Meghan Markle (the wife of the UK’s Prince Harry) was the view of everyone who has morals. There is no respectable wife who exposes the secrets of her husband’s family in public. Even if there is a family problem, it will be immoral to expose them to the media. Trump’s position on Meghan indicated that he is a respectable man and does not accept such behavior. I hope the former president wins again. The US former president was subjected to a series of attacks, insults and abuse until he was investigated as a criminal defendant on fabricated and false charges for which there is no evidence.

    Trump’s victory will improve the standard of the American economy. He is a successful businessman, and he is good at trade and negotiations. He will be able to support the American economy and generate funds to improve the standard of living of the American people. Trump has a high sense of patriotism. He is proud of America’s great history. I hope Donald Trump will win in the next presidential elections so that he can bring justice to the oppressed.


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